Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Training TTM results

Now that the season has started, I wanted to take a look at how I did sending TTM requests to players/coaches at spring training. While one or two more may trickle in, I don't expect any more returns. In total, I sent out 22 requests, and received four back successfully. Not a great success rate. I did receive some notable players though, and a few that I sent out were long shots to begin with.

Mariano Rivera - signed my 2011 Topps
Michael Dunn - signed my 2010 Topps
Mark McGwire - signed card
Mark Prior - two signed cards

Phil Hughes
AJ Burnett
Johnny Damon
Jesus Montero
Graig Nettles
Tino Martinez
Javier Vazquez
David Wells
Jose Contreras
Glenallen Hill
Matt Latos
Kevin Russo
Joba Chamberlain
Ron Guidry
Curtis Granderson
Shelley Duncan
Vladimir Guerrero
Mariano Rivera (sent a second request when I thought my first was long gone)

I knew guys like Tino, Wells, and Nettles were long shots. I would have liked to see a few more successes, but overall, I am happy with the autos I did receive. TTM is a humbling hobby, and there truly are no guarantees.


  1. It seemed like Guerrero was a signing machine during ST. I'm glad I didn't send to him.

    For the record, I received one success back from ST. Chad Gaudin. Yeah, I cried.

  2. Yeah, he was! Just goes to show there are no guarantees. Maybe I sent it too late.

    I'd say ST TTM MVP goes to Mark McGwire.

  3. Your percentage might have been disappointing, but you did get a couple of great successes.

    I haven't figured out exactly how I did this year yet, but I don't think I'm going to be thrilled with the results when I do. (and I didn't write to McGwire or Rivera to have any big names to offset a disappointing success percentage...)


  4. Good point Paul. I knew a lot were long shots...Tino, Nettles, and Wells were all guest instructors with poor signing success. I did need Vazquez, Hill, and Contreras for my project, so I'm a bit more disappointed on that front. However, with McGwire and Rivera successes, I have little to complain about.