Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little SportLots pick-up

I grabbed a few more cards on SportLots and they came yesterday. Actually, I was missing seven cards from my purchase. They are all Topps Pro Debut cards, so I have to get to the bottom of that. Here is what I grabbed:

Both of these will be used for TTM. I need the Downing for my Topps Yankees Project. This may be my last time trying Montero. I believe I am 0 for 3 trying him, so this might be one last attempt. Hopefully I'll be able to grab his auto.

A nice little assortment here. A few are for TTM. A few are just because I wanted them. I think Betances is going to be a star, so I wanted to grab his regular Bowman RC since I already have the Chrome.

And here are five more Tino's that I didn't have! The '02 Flair is pretty cool. I didn't even know that set existed still in 2002.

Hopefully I'll get the seven cards I am missing. I want to send a few of them for TTM.

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  1. The dealer inventory was probably screwed up. About a week ago Sportlots was down for several days with some type of issue and it messed with inventories (and emptied my damn cart). You probably have the money for the cards in your account on there, that is what usually happens when I get shorted.