Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trade Review: Cards from the Quarry

Johnny from Cards from the Quarry and I have been working on a trade for a while. He pulled some nice Yankees Tristar Prospects Plus cards, and I had a few Rox for him, as well as some needs from his 2011 Opening Day wantlist. Since we completed this trade, we've actually agreed to another, so stay tuned for that.

The prospects cards are nice. The best of the bunch is an Austin Jackson #'d 3/25, even though he is no longer in the Yanks organization. There was also a Corban Joseph #1/50, Ray Kruml die-cut #'d 14/50, and card featuring Mikey O'Brien, Brandon Braboy and Pat Venditte #'d 1/25. Corban's bat will get him to the majors one day. Kruml is likely a career minor leaguer, but the die-cut is cool. The tri-card is interesting. Venditte is the famous switch-pitcher who has thrown well at every level, but most think he won't ever touch the majors. Mikey O'Brien has a great arm and has battled injuries, but he is a candidate for a big year. Despite the low #'s, I'll probably use a few of these for TTM.

Also included were a few other Yanks. The 2008 UD Authentics are gorgeous cards. I think the white looks really classy. I also needed the Opening Day Swisher.

Thanks for the trade, Johnny! Good luck to the Rockies this year!

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  1. Glad you liked the cards and I am sure we will be regular trading partners. I am also glad to see someone that likes that 2008 SP Authentics set. I didn't particularly like it, but every set deserves at least one fan. There are sets that I love that others hate (or at least are unimpressed by), such as this year's Heritage offering among others.