Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy March Madness/St. Patrick's Day!

Happy First Day Of The NCAA Tournament and St. Patrick's Day! Wow, what a day! As you may or nay not know, I am as big of a college hoops fan as I am a baseball fan. I went to Syracuse and was there for the National Championship in 2003. To me, there is nothing better than the first four days of March Madness. Even though Syracuse doesn't play until 10pm on Friday (pure torture), I believe my co-workers and I are heading to a bar early this afternoon to have a few adult beverages and watch endless games. Best. Day. Ever.

So....whose in your Final Four? I'll gladly say that I have Syracuse, Duke, Purdue, and Pitt...two 1 seeds and two 3 seeds. Works for me. Leave me a comment with your Final Four, I'd love to hear!

I'll leave you with this little number that I added to my collection - $.18 on sportlots ooooh yeah. I think I'll send it to Jimmy B after the season and hopefully he'll sign it. Enjoy the games, and stay safe today you Irish hooligans!


  1. I'm going for a rivalry final four. I got Duke-UNC, and Kansas-Kansas St. That's a sweet card. Always been a Jimmy B fan

  2. I have Kentucky-Syracuse-Kansas-Pitt, with Pitt cutting down the nets over Kentucky. The bracket looks almost identical to last year with the apparent easiest region with the overall #3 seed and Duke did okay with it last year.