Saturday, March 12, 2011

Opening Day Blaster

I've been so busy the last few days - friends in town, attending Big East Tournament's been exhausting. Today things finally started to settle, and I quickly swung by the neighborhood Modell's to see if they had any Topps Opening Day. They did - packs for $1.29!!! Outrageous! I did pick up a blaster that thankfully rang up $9.99.

Overall, I like the cards. No foil doesn't bug me, and the gloss is significantly less than Series One base cards, which is cool for TTM. The inserts are kind of cheesy, but this is for the kids and I'm sure they will like them. I got quite a few Yanks out of my 77 cards, so I was happy about that.

I don't anticipate buying anymore of this product, so if you need any of what's list below (other than the Yanks), just let me know.

Pack 1:
192 - Pedroia (worst way ever to start of a pack/blaster)
197 - Kelly Johnson
217 - Pettitte
Hanley spot the error (it's his number)
104 - V Martinez in a Tigers uniform
79 - Heath Bell
24 - Andrew Cashner

Pack 2:
141 - Morel
149 - Hanson
204 - Beltran
Opening Day DUIs Stars Miguel Cabrera
Mascot - Diamondbacks (why is their Mascot not a snake?)
100 - Miguel Cabrera (really?)
14 - Zobrist

Pack 3:
137 - Pineiro
211 - Nolasco
Topps Town - Ike Davis
Parallel - Daniel Descalso (1563/2011)
94 - Rollins
80 - Hellickson
47 - Hughes (wooo!)

Pack 4:
169 - Felix Hernandez
180 - Rasmus
188 - Verlander
Superstar Celebrations - Jose Reyes
121 - Danks
87 - Morrow
9 - Cuddyer

Pack 5:
198 - A-Gonz in a Red Sox photoshop uniform. Barf.
220 - Alfonso Soriano. Remember how awesome he used to be?
143 - Guthrie
President - Obams
20- Rivera (best closer ever)
97 - Napoli still in an Angels uniform
30 - A-Rod

Pack 6:
148 - Youkilis
154 - Haren
Mascot - Phillies Green thing
Stadium Lights - Tulo (Johnny - first dibs. I know Night Owl is after these as well)
105 - Oswalt
40 - Sabathia - I know he is fat, but this is the worst picture ever of his gut
113 - Wandy

Pack 7:
216 - Jose Reyes. Enough Mets already.
140 - Jeter. Now we're talking.
153 - Morales
Spot the Error Jose Bautista - the error is that it's Brady Anderson pictured. Bad joke. His bat is missing on the error photo.
51 - Ben Revere
124 - Kershaw
77 - Uehara

Pack 8:
190 - Andrus
183 - Ellsbury
163 - Billingsly
Superstar Celebrations - Tulo (Johnny, ditto)
Parallel - Hunter Pence (0676/2011)
86 - Strasburg ooh lala
8 - Hanley

Pack 9:
174 - Buster Posey Rookie Cup
187 - Brandon Phillips
205 - Quentin
Topps Town - G Beckham
18- Justin Upton
96 - Shields
29 - Papelbon

Pack 10:
152 - Mark Reynolds striking out in an Orioles jersey
142 - CJ Wilson
218 - Ryan Howard
Mascot - Astros
66 - Brett Anderson
42 - Halman
115 - S. Castro

Pack 11:
145 - Ubaldo
155 - Hamels
156 - R. Zimmerman
President Card - Coolidge
52 - Polanco
125 - Adam Dunn in a White Sox jersey
75 - Buster Posey (regular not Rookie Cup)

The haul was what I expected. Glad to get six Yanks. If you need any of these cards, let me know.


  1. Got a Tino for ya.

    Shoot me an e-mail, let's get to trading. If I may, could I lay claim to Kershaw, Billingsley, and Tommy Hanson?

  2. Argh, my Wal Mart still doesn't have them. I really don't want to see the whole set before I get some like with the flagship set.

    I need the Under the Lights Tulo, but not the Superstar Celebrations (got it earlier today in a trade). I disagree with your take on the inserts though. I like most of them much better than all of the flagship inserts (of which I am collecting none). It helps that there is a Rockie in every insert in this set.

    I think I am going to collect the base set, Under the Lights, Mascots (yes I like them, so what), Superstar Celebrations, Opening Day Stars, and the Presidential First Pitches in addition to the Rockies.

    The Spot the Error (and Mascots) I will agree are made for young kids, but all the rest of them are much better than a redo of CYMTO, the bland Topps 60, or more vintage reproductions.

  3. My want list is posted here:

    Whatever you can help out with would be fantastic. I don't have many doubles from my 2 blasters, but I'm sure I could get you some more Yanks and possibly some Tino's.

  4. I'd take the Red Sox offyour hands.