Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trade Review: Plaschke (who couldn't be nearly as bad as TJ Simers)

From what I hear and have seen of Bill Plaschke, I can't imagine he is nearly as bad as TJ Simers. I just read a piece where Simers completely and unfairly tore apart Marcus Thames for no reason. It was, in my mind, unprofessional and has no place in sports journalism. And this is coming from a reader of the NY Post! Anyways...Greg over at Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle reached out following my 2011 Topps Opening Day Blaster post and claimed my Dodgers cards. I was also able to send him an assortment of a few other Dodgers, including a Dodger card of new Yankee Russell Martin for his PC.

Greg had a Tino that I didn't have - a 1993 Topps Gold. For whatever reason, I never picked up this card in any of the Tino lots I have bought, so it's a welcome addition. He also sent me a few Yanks which is always appreciated!

Thanks for the trade, Greg! Looking forward to trading again soon!


  1. I love that '93 design. Thanks again AJ!

  2. TJ Simers isn't for everyone. But what he does is schtick. He rips everyone and everything. It's an act. I don't really like that kind of column writing, but some people love it.

    This might add a little insight:

    As the forum says, he's a very hard-working journalist, but quite possibly a jerk.

  3. Nice card! I dont think I have that one either. Now I'm jealous, lol.