Thursday, March 3, 2011

TTM Success: another 4 successes!

After having my streak snapped on Tuesday, Wednesday brought me four more TTM success from former Yankees!

First, one for my project. Bob Watson signed my 1981 and 1982 Topps cards. I needed the 1982 for my Topps Yankees Project, so that's a big help! Bob also signed my letter "Best wishes, Bob Watson." I sent to him c/o MLB league office in NYC. I now am only missing 16 years out of a possible 60. Gettin' there!

The other three successes are all duplicate years in my Topps Yankees Project. The 1957 Topps Bobby Shantz (signed in less than a week, by the way) is important, as I hope to make a switcheroo...1957 is currently Jerry Coleman, but I want to move him to 1951 (I sent him the '51 Topps I bought....eek), Shantz to 1957, McDougald to 1958, and then someone I pursuing to 1960 (request is out). Hope it works because it took a lot of thinking and tinkering!

I also received a 1964 Al Downing. I meant to send him a 1966 but I was dumb and bought a 1964 by mistake. I still have a 1966 out in the mail for a different player, so hopefully that will take care of itself. I also received a 1976 Tippy Martinez, and I think I'll use him instead of Ed Herrmann because Tippy is awesome.

Hope to return home to a full mailbox again today!


  1. I hear you on mailing out really old cards (like the '51 Topps). It's nerve-wracking stuff but worth it if they come back signed!

  2. Congratulations on some nice successes!
    (and that 1951 card you mailed out is older than any that I own - I hope it comes back with an autograph)

    - Paul