Friday, March 4, 2011

Trade Review: White Sox Cards

I reached out to Steve over at White Sox Cards about a possible trade. I had a few White Sox inserts that he didn't have, including a Magglio #'d/99 Pacific insert card. Steve sent me a couple of really nice Yankee cards in return.

Of those six cards, there were three 2011 Topps that I didn't have - a Topps Gold Brett Gardner #'d/2011, a Walmart Black Nick Swisher, and a Topps Lost Card 1954 Mantle. Steve also had a few cards from a set I had never heard of, 2007 Topps Moments & Milestones. He sent a Mantle #'d/150, ARod #'d/150, and a Matsui #'d/29. I had to do a little research on these cards, and I was pretty confused about the idea at first. Eventually it started to make sense...we'll use the ARod for example. The moment Topps is highlighting is his 110 runs during the 2005 season - so there are 110 versions of the card, each serially numbered to 150, which seems like a lot of cards. However, there are some stats, like Ichiro's 8 assists (only 8 versions of the card), which makes his cards that much rarer...or easier to collect I suppose since there are less versions. It's an interesting concept, albeit a bit confusing. Either way, it's cool to have a few Yankee cards numbered this low, especially Mantle. Outside of a Tino I have #'d to 25, the Matsui now becomes my second lowest #d card.

Steve, thanks for the trade! Hope the White Sox cards I sent you helped check a few cards off your want list.

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  1. I'm very pleased with the cards you sent over. The Moments & Milestones sets were a pretty confusing set, even once it was figured out what was going on. It's probably the main reason why it only lasted two years. I'm glad I was able to send some cards that you didn't have.