Monday, March 21, 2011

Trade Review: San Jose Fuji

A week or so ago, I posted some game used trade bait. San Jose Fuji saw two cards to his liking - a Trevor Cahill 2011 Topps manupatch and a Dale Murphy jersey card. In return, Fuji sent me two Yanks game-used cards - a Randy Johnson (swatch is actually Diamondbacks) and a Bernie Williams. I had a Bernie bat relic, but not a jersey, so this was a very welcome addition.

In addition, Fuji also sent me a sweet auto...of himself! This 2008 Topps was sandwiched between the two game used cards. Hopefully next time we make a deal, I'll get a Fuji game-used card!

Thanks again, Fuji!


  1. I'm glad you received the cards... Don't know if Topps has created a way to make personalized memorabilia cards... but as soon as the do... I'll be first in line. Thanks again for the great trade.

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