Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A not so Heartbreaking gift

Yesterday I got home from work to find four envelops for me that weren't bills or credit card offers. One was a TTM return, one was a trade, one was an eBay purchase. There was a fourth envelope – a brown package. The return address was from Matt at Heartbreak Cards of Staggering Genius. I hadn’t been expecting anything from him, so I was certainly curious.

I opened the envelope, and was shocked to find a gift from Matt – a Tino Martinez card/jersey combo! It's definitely one I haven't seen. There is a Pinnacle Inside card mounted with a jersey swatch below it. I believe the size of the whole piece is around 5x7, and can actually be folded on the back to create a stand for display – old school pop up card style. There is no branding on the front, but the on the back there is a Vintage Sports Cards logo. A note above that says that the jersey was obtained from Upper Deck. There is no year, but the pinstripe is obviously from his Yankee Days.

This is a great item for my Tino collection! I’ve never seen anything like it, and as Matt said in his note to me, while not a conventional card, a jersey card is still a jersey card. I love the card and I can’t thank Matt enough for sending it.


  1. Very nice ! I have one somewhere.Don't even remember who the player was.It wasn't an Indian so I just put it aside! They were available in our local K-Mart.They may still have some. Came with,I think, two packs of cards but you can't see what relic card you get.$4-5 I think.

  2. Those are an attempt at a repackaged relic card. I've found them at Toys R Us. I gave up when I pulled the same Roberto Alomar card twice.