Thursday, March 10, 2011

Joba relic, yes please

I've been on a Yankees game-used kick lately after pulling the Robinson Cano Topps 60 relic from a jumbo pack. I then bought the Phil Hughes Topps 60 relic and a Mussina 2008 jersey card. Then Matt sent me the Tino jersey card. Just when I thought I was going to relax for a while, I picked up this guy on eBay for a few bucks.

Unlike the Hughes, this Joba is from a home jersey with a lovely pinstripe. I love when my Yanks relics have a pinstripe showing. I think this is the last of my eBay Yanks game used splurge for a while. I'm still going to try and track down the complete Yanks Topps 60 relic set...minus the vintage guys like Ruth and Berra...out of my price range. For now, I'll enjoy the current guys, and this Joba is awesome.

Fist pump.

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