Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trade Review: Crinkly Wrappers

Ted from Crinkly Wrappers and I recently broke the baseball rule of not trading within your own division. Fortunately, the card rules are a bit easier to bend than the AL East rules. Raul Mondesi might beg to differ. Anyhow, I had a few 2011 Topps base cards that Ted needed, and I also put together an assortment of Blue Jays cards in exchange for a stack of Yankees. Ted sent some GREAT Yankees cards - a lot from sets I hasn't seen or been able to get my hands on yet.

My favorite cards were definitely the 2007 UD Masterpieces. These are just downright pretty cards, and they show great moments of each particular player, like ARod's walk-off homer against the O's or Matsui's HR in the rain against the Twins. Really cool. A close second was a few of the UD Icons base cards. I know Ted is a big fan of this set as well. I love the 2009 Goodwin Chien Ming Wang card - it would look great signed, and since he is a good TTM signer, maybe I'll send it out his way. Ted even threw in a Tino card - I always appreciate it when someone digs through their cards to find a Tino for me, as I know he tends to find a nice little home in the common box.

Ted, thanks for a great assortment of cards!

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